A&J Design

A&J Design is a small design studio run by Judi Johnstone, who has over 30 years experience in all aspects of the design and marketing industry.


"When we started business in 1983, we set out our key principles,
which continue to set us apart from other designers and ad agencies:"

Understanding You and Your Business

Where do you see yourself and your product in the marketplace?


We take pride in our personal service, which has created the friendly image we've become known for. It's about asking the right questions to find the right solutions.


We don't just want to look at you as a new client, we see this as the beginning of an exciting new relationship.

Top Quality Ideas

Where do great ideas come from?


Is it from a spark of inspiration that comes at the most unexpected moment? Is it from having spent over thirty years developing new and exciting projects with our clients? Is it just the development of an idea you've already got in the back of your mind?


It's a mix of all of these that allows us to take your brief and make it an inspired success.

within your Budget

Is it possible to get great advertising that's also easy on your resources?


We will consult with you to find the most cost-effective, fast and accurate solutions to your advertising, marketing and promotional projects.


This way, we make sure you will always get out much, much more than you put in.

"...and we apply these principles to the full A-to-Z of services:"

Advertising, Artwork, Banners, Bespoke Designs, Brochures, Bus Signs, Billboard Advertising, Corporate Image Consultancy, Design ideas and Visualisation, Design for Print, Guide Books, Illustration, Imagery, Information Signs, Infotainment, Logo and Trademark Design, Mail Shots, Marketing, Media Buying, Packaging and Label Design, Photography, Point of Sale Material, Posters, Press and Magazine Ads, Print Buying, Public Relations, Sign Systems, Stationery Design, Vehicle Livery Design...
and so much more!

Telephone: 01362 692697     Email: info@aandjdesign.co.uk     44 School Lane, Toftwood, Dereham, Norfolk NR19 1LS